Personal Injury

Help Through Your Personal Injury Struggles

One of the biggest frustrations that anyone facing an injury has is the timelines. While they’re facing immediate medical and financial needs, the people who hold the cards take their sweet time. Insurance companies — the organizations you’re supposed to rely on — minimize the urgency of medical care or monetary support and do everything possible to limit the money they pay injury victims.

This is a major area of concern for me as an attorney. I got into personal injury law because as a third-generation lawyer, I have seen the serious challenges people face after an accident.

It’s not fair. You have every right to be frustrated, and to take action.

My goal at Burns Law Office in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota, is to simplify the legal process and help injury victims get what they need to recover. I handle a wide range of personal injury claims that arise out of:

  • Auto accidents involving cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians
  • Premises liability cases such as slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, negligent security, etc.
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Wrongful death arising out of negligence

You Can And Should Pursue Compensation

Some people who talk to me are afraid of looking like they’re “sue-happy.” They don’t want to be viewed as someone looking for a free ride.

Rest assured that’s not what filing a personal injury claim and aggressively pursuing it is about. Injuries caused by negligence can lead to many long-term issues, and no price can fully give you back what damage has been caused to your health. You may face permanent injuries that limit your mobility or independence for a lifetime. You may not be able to return to work in the role you are trained for — or at all. It can take its toll on your income and your quality of life, and that of your loved ones.

Contact Me, Harry E. Burns

Frustration with insurance companies may seem like I just have a jaded outlook, but it just comes from experience. There are ways to get what you need to recover, but you need an attorney to get you there. I can help you gather and present the medical records and financial analyses needed to make a case for maximum compensation. Through it all, I will be real with you about the process and what to expect.

Call me with questions. Let me know what obstacles you’re facing. I want to know. It will help me build a better case for you and ultimately help you recover. Contact me online or by telephone at 320-252-8767 (toll free at 800-242-8767) to arrange a consultation.