Your Local St. Cloud Attorney is Here
With more than 30 years of experience in law, I have been around the block on countless legal matters. I know my way around the courtroom. I have met my fair share of lawyers. I certainly know what my clients are up against.As a result, I have made it a point to give my clients something that’s hard to find — a straight shooting attorney who knows them by name and knows how to effectively handle a case.

Serious Counsel From A Down-To-Earth Attorney

I am Harry E. Burns, the principal attorney of Burns Law Office in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. I offer general practice legal services in personal injury, criminal defense, probate and estates, business law and more. I am a third-generation attorney who is dedicated to my clients. I know them by name. I know their families. Doing my job well is vital to their success.

Above all else, this job is about helping people. You can be sure that when you contact my office I’ll be here to help you.

The only thing I take seriously is my clients’ best interests. I don’t waste time chasing professional accolades to boost my own ego. Instead, I spend my time pursuing favorable results in injury claim recoveries, trial verdicts, plea negotiations, and secure estate plans and administration. Frankly, that is why I became a lawyer in the first place.

If You’re Worried About Jail Time

That is understandable. Law enforcement, investigators, prosecutors — they’re all here to pin charges against you and find someone to convict. It is possible to get out of trouble, so don’t give up. I am here to defend your rights and help you get a fresh start.

If You’re On The Edge Financially After An Accident

You could wait forever and a day to get a straight answer from the insurance company involved in your personal injury claim. Make no mistake — they are not on your side. I know how to assertively pursue maximum compensation with a thorough record of your financial and medical needs.

If You’re Overwhelmed By The Legal Process

Your legal responsibilities in contracts, business dealings or as someone’s personal representative (estate administrator/executor) can be hard to wrap your head around. I can help you get a full view of the legal process ahead and show you what needs to be done step-by-step so your business transaction or probate matter is handled effectively.

Representation On Your Terms

The one-size-fits-all approach to law — the kind people get from large law firms — is not what legal clients need or deserve. An attorney should not look at cases and declare that they all should be settled out of court, or they all should be litigated. They’re all different.

Holding Your Hand Or Taking The Reins — It’s Up To You

I’m known as a good communicator, someone who can explain the law without talking down to people. If you want to be a close participant in the legal process, I am happy to work together as a team. If you’d prefer to hand me a folder and let me take care of it, I can do that too.

This is your case. I am just here to make sure it goes well. Contact me online or by telephone at 320-252-8767 (toll free at 800-242-8767) to arrange a consultation.